OLVC Facilities

Buildings at OLVC

Mess Hall

The Mess Hall is a winterized dining hall and kitchen facility. It includes industrial ovens, walk in cooler, deep freeze, appliances and dishes for renter use.  It was built in 1975, and can seat about 160 people at a time.

Tony’s Place

Named for Tony Marcinek, the long time maintenance director for the camp, Tony’s Place is a winterized assembly hall, built in 1996.  This building has washrooms, and can seat about 250 people.

OLVC Chapel

A quiet place for quiet gathering, reflection and prayer.  During the summer, we reserve the Eucharist here in the Tabernacle.  The chapel is not winterized and can seat about 50 people in an intimate atmosphere.

Rosary Garden

This space is beautifully designed for a ‘living’ rosary in the woods.  The garden consists of round stones, each representing a bead of the rosary in a large circle around a cross shaped garden.

Jubilee Hall (Dormitory)

Winterized dormitory.  Built in 2000, it sleeps 82. It also has a meeting room accessible from the entrance  The building is split into two halves to facilitate splitting genders during retreats, with bathrooms and showers on each side.

Warren’s Abode (Dormitory)

​Winterized dormitory built in 1986, named for a former counselor who attended OLVC in the 1980s.  Sleeps between 55 and 66 people depending on age.  Includes bathrooms and showers.

Hope’s Haven (Overflow Dormitory)

Built in 2014. Hope’s Haven is not winterized. This building was previously used as an overflow cabin (could sleep 34 people) but is currently being used for storage. 

Reach Out (Overflow Dormitory)

Reach Out was built in 1950, and is not winterized. This building was previously used as an overflow cabin (could sleep 27 people) but is currently being used for storage.

Other Amenities

As a part of the relaunch of OLVC, we are looking to incorporate other amenities over the next few years, including a Gaga Ball pit, a climbing wall, and canoeing. Stay tuned for updates as we add these activities to the many we already have!